Dylan Ratigan Tells The Truth


I was prepared to write about the whipsaws yesterday in detail, but instead summarize the action quickly with my rapier wit:

Red, green.
What’s the Fed mean?
Tape unruly like Charlie Sheen.
Algo this.
Tail risk fat.
You mean to tell me my fill is that?

But, never mind any of that. Please watch Dylan Ratigan, enjoy his passion, and enjoy his message; what ails Dylan is what ails the market, and what ails America. This rant is the best television I have seen since, well, since a guy through a pie in Murdoch’s face and got “Wendi Denged”, but I digress! It is the most eloquent recap of what ails us for the past twenty years. Stop what you are doing and give him five minutes.

“You got a bought Congress!”


Replay this in your mind the next time you see those damn talking points by Boehner, Reed, Pelosi, Frank, Shelby, Bachus, and Friends.

We really have a crisis of leadership, and by that I mean we have so precious few who want to do the right thing, as opposed to doing the corrupt and bought, self-interested-conflicted-money-reelection thing. God I miss Ted Kaufman.