According to the Trade Idea Monitor from youDevise Ltd, a trade idea service for institutional investors and brokers, AIG today received the most short sentiment, as the leading sell recommendation from sell-side equity sales reps. We are watching to see how much lower the sentiment will go. (more…)

There has been alot of talk over the past few weeks about HFT.  We have argued that the volume these HF traders are creating is not beneficial to the market.  Lets take a closer look at what a high frequency favorite stock looks like.  The poster boy for HFT this week is none other than 80% U.S.  government owned, AIG.  AIG recently underwent a 1 for 20 reverse split since the “issuer” wanted to make their stock look more attractive to institutional clients.  You would have expected volume in this stock to be reduced by 20x.  Instead, volume has remained at a (more…)


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