We always look forward to reading though the earnings call transcripts from the stock exchanges each quarter. There is often a nugget or two of information from the exchange CEO’s that surprises us and makes us question if exchanges actually care about a healthy market structure or if they only care about their own bottom line.  Here are two good examples from the 1Q quarter calls: NYSE (Intercontinental Exchange)   Brian Bedell – Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc. So if those liquidity pools were cut up a little bit [referring to Brexit], you don’t think that would have a material impact (more…)

  On April 11th at 6:01 pm, NYSE ARCA sent this Trader Update: On Thursday, April 13th at 6:18 pm (right before a three-day holiday weekend), NYSE ARCA sent this follow up Trader Update : You may have not known about this situation since NYSE tried to bury the news right before the three-day holiday weekend.  While NYSE was successful in keeping the news from the media, we always read our “Trader Updates” and were very disturbed by their revelation. Let’s take a look at what happened on Monday, April 10th: NYSE ARCA did not read quotes from NYSE and NYSE MKT on April 10th.  Apparently, (more…)


Mar, 2017