Surveys are a data collection tool often used to gather information about individuals, and their opinions on topics. Surveys are generally standardized to ensure that they have validity. Hopefully they are large enough to be statistically meaningful, and hopefully they are created and analyzed objectively – and not subjectively. Often, great care is used in constructing and wording questions, so that they are not leading, and that the responses they elicit are meaningful. Often great care is exercised to make sure the surveys are not biased. Questions need to be (more…)

Guest post:

Today we would like to share a guest post of a nameless industry insider (not us – we don’t do retail), titled  “What Every Retail Investor Needs to Know”   The professional who wrote it wants to be nameless, as he/she works in the industry and does not want to rattle cages with his/her employer, and as per him/her, “it’s more about the message than the messenger.”