On January 3, 2018, MiFID II will go live.  While this is a European rule, it has many U.S. institutional investors thinking about how they pay commissions to their brokers. We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that Themis Trading has always been 100% focused on best execution. Our institutional agency trading model revolves around being: Independent and conflict-free Venue and rebate agnostic No proprietary trading, no market making, no dark pool ownership Our traders not only have more than 20 years of experience each but they all understand what it takes to trade on behalf of (more…)

  Yesterday we wrote about the SEC’s decision to approve the Chicago Stock Exchange’s new speed bump known as the “LEAD”.  We questioned why the SEC would tilt the playing field and give market makers yet another advantage. Today we would like to bring up a couple of more points about the approval: 1) Market Data Revenue – The LEAD speed bump is another market maker subsidy which is on par with enhanced rebates that market makers currently receive.  Why would the CHX want to further subsidize their market makers with this speed advantage? One reason could be that the CHX would like to earn more (more…)


Aug, 2017