Veteran’s Day   Today U.S. citizens celebrate Veteran’s Day, just days after one of the most divisive and emotional presidential election cycles in history. It is appropriate that we all take a little time to honor our country’s great heroes – the brave men and women of the United States military who served in our armed forces, no matter their own political persuasions, ethnicities, and beliefs – so that we may all enjoy this nation’s freedoms. Today, we share the story of one United States Marine who served in the Korean War – Joseph A. Saluzzi. He is the father (more…)

It’s been a long time since we checked in with our good friends – long-term investors Fred and Ethel. You may recall that in prior notes through the years, we featured sit-downs with the sage couple, as we brought them up to speed on modern market structure and how modern markets actually work. We have found them to be great students, as they learned about dark pools, VWAP, and even the NYSE Retail Liquidity Program.   They have consistently been incredulous as to how the SEC could allow our markets to get so complex, with structures that favor short term (more…)