It’s been a while since we did an order-type note, so we are due!

In Adam Sandler’s cinematic masterpiece Big Daddy, Cole Sprouse is the young actor who plays the role of Julian “Frankenstein” McGrath. Of course you remember this character; Julian is the little boy living with Adam Sandler, who learns how to trip skaters in Central Park, as well as overcome fear in general. How does Julian do that? He uses special glasses that Sonny (Adam Sandler) gave him that makes him “invisible.”

Of course Julian is not really invisible when he wears those glasses, just as an institutional hidden (more…)


“On average, on the Example Price-Impact Days, Defendants used the Layering Algorithm to place hundreds of orders for tens of thousands of contracts that were modified thousands of times and eventually canceled over 99% without ever resulting in a trade.” – CFTC Complaint Against Navinder Singh Sarao, 4/21/15

The numbers in the above statement are astonishing  especially since they were done by a single trader.  But more astonishing is the fact that Navinder Singh Sarao perpetrated this alleged fraud for years before finally being arrested yesterday in the UK.  While the folks at (more…)


Mar, 2015