How stressful were the stress tests?

I recently went to my doctor to get a check of my heart.  We did a few examines including a stress test.  The doctor hooked me up to a bunch of electrodes and had me get on the treadmill.  Once I reached my target heart rate, he stopped the test.  I believe that based on my age , my target heart rate was 170 beats per minute.  After I finished all my tests, I sat down with my doctor to go over the results.  Thankfully, things look good for me.  I wish I could say the same for the US banking system.  It appears that the benchmarks used in the bank stress tests were too low.  According to Elizabeth Warren, the chairwoman of the Congressional Oversight Panel, some of the assumptions that the government used in the stress tests were too low.  Specifically, she stated that the unemployment projections were too low and that we are already at levels in unemployment that are higher than the government predicted

So what if my doctor had used the wrong target heart rate when I took my stress test.  How accurate would my results have been?