Fundraising for Children’s Tumor Foundation…

Many of my industry friends know that my youngest daughter, Mary Alice, has Neurofibromatosis Type I. She was diagnosed as a toddler, and I remember the angst and helplessness we felt upon learning of her diagnosis. Well, my wife and I do some fundraising for Children’s Tumor Foundation (CTF) so that we can do our part to help this amazing organization find a cure.

Two years ago Caroline and I ran our first half marathon in Las Vegas, to funraise for CTF, and we raised $23,000 in that race. The generosity of our friends was amazing. The actual  race was amazing, complete with running Elvises, and anything else you might expect to find in a Las Vegas marathon race. We both finished strong, especially considering that I had been a life-long smoker, although my cut-throat wife did leave me at mile 11 because I was slowing her down. That’s ok though. I did get even. Please go see what I carved into stall nine, in the casino restroom by the poker room, at Bellagio. The phone number is good by the way!

Well here we are again, and my wife is running this time around with Mary Alice’s godmother, and our good friend, Linda Lovito. They are running in January at the Disney Marathon. I would run with them, but uhhh errrr I guess I have been likin’ the pasta of late.  Here is our fundraising link:

Won’t you consider helping? You can donate with your credit card right online. Or send in a check? Any amount helps.  Please consider helping this worthy organization find a cure for NF, and childhood tumors in general.

Oh… and if you work for an HFT firm, and you donate, please email me, so that in my next HFT whine, I can include wording such as “… except for the fine folks at Acme HFT LLC!”

With much love and appreciation,