Captain Fantastic and the Dirt Cowboy


Captain Fantastic was Elton John’s 9th album released in 1975. Many consider it to be his best. If you like Elton John, you know that 98% of his songs are collaborations between him and Bernie Taupin. This album is a theme album that tells about their uphill battle to make it in the music industry, against numerous odds. Elton is “Captain Fantastic” and Bernie is the “Brown Dirt Cowboy”. When I listen to the song I see my struggles to overcome obstacles in my career and life.  I think this is such a great album because anyone who listens can find their own common-man challenges that they are trying to overcome, or have tried to overcome.

The older I get the harder it is to stop myself from getting too jaded, and too cynical. It is an even harder task these past few years, as I am not only working against the natural cynicism of age, but also the fact that we have all had a front row seat to the greatest financial meltdown of our generation. Too many books have chronicled all the insiders who have benefitted from this meltdown, and there are no shortage of government officials whose hands are dirty (gander at Fannie and Freddie’s lobbying recipients, and payroll lists). Occasionally, though, we get a glimpse of something good. Genuine. Void of self-interest. Today Senator Kaufman will speak on the floor about financial reform in general. We were lucky to have met the man and his staff, and to see raw energy and concern for the public good at work is rare and inspiring. The Senator is not running for re-election. All that he has done, and is doing, is because he feels it is right, and he cares about America, and its proper priorities. Agree or Disagree? Not even the point. Watching him and his staff in action makes me see how harmful lobbying is as an activity, and how bad multi-term government officials are. If we want change, maybe we should limit Senators to serving one 6 year term, or two 4 year terms MAYBE. No exceptions.

Give ’em Hell Ted.