ALGO ends Latency Debate!!!!

See this NYT article:

I can name that tune in 16 microseconds…

Someone should tell ALGO that the big boys are probably at 1 microsecond now. Fast is relative.  My old Instinet green machine used to refresh in 15 seconds. It was awesome, as it was faster then Selectnet’s screen.

Also, I wonder how much this ALGO latency costs? And if you use their software, will your orders visit “preferred partners” first? Maybe. Maybe not.

It is not just speed. It is the model. Creation of multi-tiers. Payment for access (access to speed, access to order flow, etc). The structure must change. If only we regulated our trillion dollar markets with the zeal that we impose regulations and restrictions on individuals regarding their health insurance choices.

Damn, there I go again. Now I got that Whitesnake tune in my head.