Institutions: Ask Your Trading Destinations!

Ask Them:

1) Why did you change the feeds there and not here?

2) Why do you provide hidden functionality that is not hidden? (You are hidden until you are taken or hit, and then you are “identified”, tagged, and aggregated)

3) Why is the response on how to protect my orders in YOUR system, the canceling and replacing thingamajig? So I have to be more labor intensive to use your “productive” technology, so that I can marginally protect myself? Aren’t you supposed to protect me in your system?

4) Do you really think it is not a big deal if it can be ascertained that someone sold 180,000 shares of ABT in the last 17 minutes? It is not a compromise of trading strategy and confidentiality? Really? LOL

5) Who owns my “data”?

6) Where does my router go, and in what order? Can I alter it? If I alter it and remove destinations I don’t like, will my commission rate rise? Why?

Do you like the answers?