Remember in September 2010, when Obama was overseas for a Middle East summit? The picture above, which appeared in Egyptian government-controlled media, depicted Hosni Mubarak leading the world leaders you see here out of a strategy meeting. Except it was photo shopped! The real photo is this one, with Mubarak bringing up the flank:



And remember earlier in 2010 when BP photo shopped their response team in this helicopter, surveying the spill in the Gulf? Take note of the air traffic control tower they forgot to delete out above the pilot’s head. And take note of the pilot filling out his pre-flight checklist in air.



If governments can spin and perpetuate fraud, and big business can, then heck so can we. For example, there is no garbage problem in NYC. It is all picked up. Really. I mean Really. See?














And by the way, do you remember our market structure web diagram? Well, the Exchanges got a hold of it. They can photoshop too, sadly. What HFT? What Exchanges?











Maybe you can tell we are already sick of winter here; perhaps we should photo shop Themis Trading into St. John.