Do You Know Jeff Connaughton?


We have had the pleasure of working closely with Jeff Connaughton for several years. He was Ted Kaufman’s Chief of Staff while Ted served as a U.S. Senator from the state of Delaware. Jeff is a long-time Washington insider, having also spent time as a lobbyist, a Biden staffer, and a White House Lawyer. Jeff was Ted’s right hand man, and along with wonder-kid Josh Goldstein, researched in detail the issues that were important to Ted.

We have grown to love Ted and Jeff for their integrity, and their thoroughness investigating important topics. Unlike so many government officials who “shot from the hip”, Ted and Jeff always did the foundation work necessary in order to form informed opinion and fight for proper policy. Always armed with a sound foundation of knowledge, Ted and Jeff embarked on a crusade to clean up our markets. Their passion was something to behold, and as Ted knew he wasn’t going to run for re-election, his team operated without concern for appeasing status quo Wall Street, with their lobbyists and the lure of their big money.

Jeff just published a book that we are finishing reading: The Payoff – Why Wall Street Always Wins. It details the two year struggle of Kaufman and Connaughton to stop stock manipulation by high frequency traders, as well as hold Wall Street executives accountable for their actions of recent years. And it is told with the credibility of an insider with a front row Washington DC seat. Won’t you put it on your reading list? You can read a little of it here.