OK. So Goldman Sachs is buying a theme park outside the United States. I wouldn’t have any problem with that, normally, if it were their money they were using. But is it?  They took $9 billion in TARP money, right? They took $13 billion  in our tax-payer funds indirectly (part of what we gave AIG in bailout money, so that AIG could make good and pay Goldman). So my fellow taxpayers, I encourage you to take a ride on the roller coaster in Japan, and make sure you insist on doing so for free! If you can’t get a loan (more…)

How many times have these congressman expressed their “outrage” over the AIG bonuses.  Where is the outrage over the entire $180 billion that was given to AIG?  The money is gone.  It was given to Goldman Sachs and other banks that were on the other side of AIG’s credit default swaps.  The govenment didn’t bail out AIG – they bailed out the holders of the CDS contracts.  And they bailed them out at 100% of the value – no haircut. Guess who was the biggest recipient of AIG campaign contributions in 2008:  Sen. Chris Dodd with $103,100.  Why doesn’t Sen. (more…)