Where Has All the Volume Gone? By Sal L. Arnuk and Joseph Saluzzi A Themis Trading LLC Mini White Paper With the S&P 500 up 34% from its low on March 9, 2009, the market has certainly turned. The big question: Is this a bear market rally, destined to plummet again, or a new bull market that will see a continued rise? Many investors look at increasing trading volumes as a sign that the market is heading higher. This is based on the traditional premise that when both the market and volume go up, classic buy and hold institutional (more…)

So, I think everyone knows or feels that the stress test will be a managed success. The results will demonstrate financial stability. I think there might be even an appropriately managed outcome in the negative for some of the analyzed banks (after all they cant let everyone get an A on the test and be credible can they?) What the real question is, though, is whether or not a happy stress test is priced right in the market? Will the results be announced and the retail public scramble to jump back into the pool? Or will we all sell the (more…)