OK. Uncle. Still think there is no problem?

We have been warning about the rampant expansion of High Frequency Trading for over a year now. Well, the real money has been made, by the real players. The quiet ones. The ones who never bragged about it. Steadily the practice has been moving downstream the smart-money line. Naked access. Seminars. How-to books. You get the idea.

The end must be nearing, as we now have reached the point of ridiculousness. FTAlphaville today notes Cyborg Trading:


You can download a brochure that looks like this:


I don’t know what to say. Except I long for the days of emails notifying me of OTCBB stocks ready to take off. I miss the old-time market top signs. The ones we see today just make me want to pack up the pickup truck with food, water, Bic lighters, and rations, and head for the hills. Can you say “Danger Will Robinson?”