Whether You Are a Rockwell or a Redneck, Give Thanks. Here Is Our list!


We are thankful for Carol Massar and Matt Miller of Bloomberg TV. We are thankful for Steve Grasso and the Fast Money guys. We are thankful for Zerohedge and the information and laughter it repeatedly gives us. We are thankful for Ritholtz and Business Insider. We are thankful for Izzie at the FT, as well as the folks who provide Seeking Alpha. We are thankful for Monk-e-Mail. We are thankful for the many folks who listen as we bounce our ideas off of them. We are thankful for colorful language. We are thankful for bloggers like Kid Dynamite, who challenge our thinking publicly. We are thankful for our own clients who are happy to disagree with us and point out flaws in our thinking, although those flaws are ever so rare. We are thankful for friends in the business. We are thankful for honest people in Washington DC (there are some). We are thankful that good folks outnumber bad folks. We are thankful that the Mets give us reasons to poke Joe’s ribs every year. We are thankful for Dan from down the hall, who occasionally works in between his golfing dates, and tells us that he loves his execution and price improvement at his online broker, and that HFT is good for him. We are thankful that he gives us laughter as well, popping into our trading room on the way to the old age home to pick up new clients. We are thankful for Stu at Fidelity, who gives us the world’s best trinkets with a logo that have ever been created. Except for the gyro ball. We are thankful for the When Cameron Was In Egypt Land sound wave. And the Napoeon Dynamite Ever Take It Off Any Sweet Jumps sound wave. We are thankful that Jack Nicholson made that A Few Good Men speech. We are thankful that Alec Baldwin likewise made his Get Them To Sign On The Line That’s Is Dotted speech. We are thankful for the scene in Boiler Room where Vin Diesel closes the sale. We are thankful for the movie Wall Street. We are thankful for the only good scene in Jerry Maguire, where Cuba Gooding Shows Us The Money. We are thankful for Twitter. We are thankful for Paul, although clearly no one else is; only one of you bid on lunch with Paul on EBAY last month. We are thankful for all of you. We are thankful for your support, and we are thankful that you occasionally like reading our drivel and opinions. We love what we do, and we feel like baseball players getting paid to do what they love to do; this is pretty special. We are thankful for an industry that gives us the means to earn our daily bread. We are thankful for an industry that is exciting and dynamic. We are thankful that we are challenged to be our best every day, in our trading as well as in how we think. We are thankful for our spouses. We are thankful for our kids. We are thankful that we have not clobbered each other over our heads yet (we all work pretty closely).

This is America’s best holiday! It is the holiday that is least about the shopping and advertising. Enjoy it while it is still that way! And be thankful, finally, for our men and women overseas who are not with their families, so that we can be with ours.



Where we left off 4:00pm EST:

INDU                           11,036.37                    -142.21

SPX                             1,180.73                      -17.11

CCMP                          2,494.95                      -37.07

Futures now at 7:30am EST:

DJA                                                     +19.00 

SPA                                                     +2.25

NDA                                                    +2.40

Key Data out today:


07:00:                                           Mortgage Applications (actual +2.1%)

08:30:                                           Personal Income/Spending (estimate +0.5%)

08:30:                                           Durable Goods Orders (estimate -0.1%)

08:30:                                           Initial Jobless Claims (estimate 435,000)

09:55:                                           University of Michigan Sentiment (estimate 69.5 Prel 69.3)

10:00:                                           New Homes Sales (estimate 314,000)

10:30:                                           Crude Oil Inventories (estimate 355.5 mb)

11:00:                                           KC Fed Survey (prior +10)


Since the prior close, some key stories:


–       Goldman gets roped into Diamondback Insider trading probe- Gasparino.

–       DYN may be getting $6 or higher bid says WSJ.

–       German IFO 109.2 vs. 107.5 consensus.

–       Fed cuts growth and job forecasts.

–       Bullish sentiment decreases to 55.7% from 56.2% in the latest Investor’s Intelligence poll. 

–       Carl Icahn’s next goal may be merger of Cadence Design (CDNS), Mentor Graphics (MENT) – NY Post .

–       Ireland rating lowered by S&P.

–       Citadel and others receive subpoena.

–       Ireland to buy majority stake in Bank of Ireland.

–       Facebook derivatives are surging on private exchanges.

–       TARP money returned to taxpayers exceeds $250 billion.

–       Oracle awarded $1.3 billion for SAP software theft.

–       TiVo misses earnings, reports wider loss.

–       Guess beats, see full-year above view and sets special dividend.





Pre-market:  AMWD, DE, FRO, SCMR, TIF 


After the Close: NKPB, DVOX, GMCR



Significant Movers This Morning:

GES +8.62% (earnings), TIF +3.93% (earnings), ORCL +2.13% (awarded contract),