21st Century Financial Acronym Test

21st Century Finance Test Part III.


Please draw a line from the 3-letter Acronym on the left to the definition or phrase on the right it most corresponds with.

SDR                                                       Organization that screws with exchange rates


DSK                                                       What causes Flash Crashes.


IMF                                                       The Bernank.


QE2                                                       What long-term investors are unless sanity returns to the market structure.


SIV                                                        Creepy IMF head with serious sexual issues.


OPM                                                      Leveraged pool of crap invented by a couple of former Citigroup Bankers


FED                                                       An International Reserve Asset.         


SRO                                                       Getco


HFT                                                       The Guys who frisk 8yr old kids ay JFK and provide joke fodder for unemployed finance folks on Twitter.

DMM                                                     Self Regulatory Organization (now an investor protection that is outsourced).


SEC                                                       What Goldman guys drive


AMG                                                     Barney Frank.


TSA                                                       Why Charlie Sheen doesn’t drive.


MTA                                                      A place to intern before you make the big bucks in large financial firms.


SOL                                                       Money Printing Bubble Creator


DWI                                                       The Org. that approves erection drugs.


FDA                                                       Org. that used to take now-displaced workers to their financial jobs in NYC. Now just runs scenic sets for violence uploaded to youtube.

FNM                                                      What Goldman Sachs used be the Long Side of its shi$$y deals.




Where we left off 4:00pm EST:

INDU              12,595.75                                -100.17

SPX                 1,337.77                                  -10.88

CCMP             2,828.47                                  -34.57

Futures now at 7:00 am EST:

DJA                             -51 

SPA                             -5.80

NDA                           -5.50

Key Data out today:


08:30:                          Empire State Manufacturing Index

09:00:                          Long Term TIC Flows

10:00:                          NAHB Housing Market Index

Since the prior close, some key stories:


–       NDAQ/ICE throws cold water on NYX hostile merger plans.

–       Stocks and futures lower on Greece-related risk.

–       YHOO’s China Foothold Threatened over Rift with Alibaba over Secret Spinoff (Bloomberg)

–       EU meeting begins at 9:00am EST to discuss Greek extensions.

–       IMF Head Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) pulled off plane after attempting to flee back to France in First Class after sexually assaulting a maid in the $3,000/night Sofitel he was staying at. Wait. Did I make that up?

–       US will hit debt ceiling today. OMG. This is horrifically horrible. Everything will stop. Wait… we will just borrow more.

–       Earnings Estimates Fall Most Since 2009 As Bull Market Shows Its Age (Bloomberg)

–       Moody’s downgrades Tepco in Japan. OMG. Buy Japan!

–       Tokyo Steel is cutting prices.

–       RIM recalls 1,000 Playbook tablets. Before anyone gets excite, that is Playbook Tablets. Not Rim’s Strategic Playbook.

–       LOW misses on revenues and cuts guidance.

–       NYX is down 8% so far on NASDAQ/ICE news.





After the Close: BPZ, STV, DL, GOK, PLAN, URBN, WINN


Significant Movers This Morning:

AMR +3%, NYX -10%, LOW -5%, AMD -3%