Feed The Hungry

Mother Teresa said, “It is more difficult to fight poverty in a rich country than in a poor one.” We witness this to be true, as we see how tough some of our own brethren have it right here in New Jersey. This is why we devote a minute portion of our own efforts to helping St John’s Church in downtown Newark. They run a soup kitchen that just gets busier and busier for two reasons: the times keep getting tougher and other soup kitchens keep closing. You can read more about St’ John’s wonderful work at their website: http://njsoupkitchen.org/.

We personally became involved with St’ John’s because a friend of ours invited us one morning to cook there, and work the line. I wonder if this friend of ours knows how important that invitation has become to us? Mark, thank you.

St John’s needs help. Our brothers need help. They need warm thoughts and well wishes. They need food. They need volunteers. They need coats. They need gift certificates to ShopRite.

They need you to donate here!

And you need to feel the joy and love that can only come from helping someone else. Don’t be shy friends, click that link. Or find a St John’s-type program in your neck of the woods, and help them.

Thank You!