You Know About The Book; Please Know About This Bibliography

Sometimes a book is so influential because it hits at important issues in such a real way, and it inspires passion – both from its supporters and from its critics. Such a book becomes famous, and inspires sea-change. Of course, such a book makes it to important must-read lists – such as the New York Times’s list. Such a book even inspires counter-books that attempt to refute it.

In the financial industry there have been many important and influential books. Dark Pools comes to mind, as does Capital in the Twenty-First Century. We like to think that even with its limited target audience, our own book, Broken Markets, was also such a book. However, no business book has actually had the reach and influence, and passionate effect on readers, as has Michael Lewis’s Flash Boys. Did you know that within Congress, the SEC, and the CFTC, Flash Boys is referred to as simply The Book?

As you may know, Flash Boys has been just released in paperback, and with a new afterword that you can read in Vanity Fair magazine. As you may know, we are less than two weeks away from the one year anniversary of the release of The Book.

In the approaching two weeks, all of the arguments will be replayed. It’s a safe bet that Bloomberg and CNBC will have segments re-devoted to the anniversary, and The Book’s subject matter. You will very likely see the HFT lobby, Modern Markets Initiative, appear on such segments; Bart Chilton will earn his keep.

This morning we wanted to prepare you for the media attention, by arming you with R.T. Leuchtkafer’s (RTL) newly prepared 2015 HFT Bibliography, titled High Frequency Trading – A Bibliography of Evidence-based Research. Simply put, this is one all-encompassing document that you can have at your ready that contains op-eds, books, documentaries, academic studies, print media articles, TV interviews, and government and regulatory actions. If you were to have one reference source at your fingertips for use in talking to your own clients and talking to your boards, this is the document. RTL has an entire section devoted to Flash Boys that you will especially find useful over the next month; it starts on page 44.

Please download the document, and keep it in your “favorites folder”, or on your desktop. From The Bibliography you can quickly click and bring up interviews, articles, and links to regulatory responses within Congress, the Senate, the Federal Reserve, the CFTC, and the SEC.

For a topic that so many brush aside as “much ado about nothing”, you can see just how big the discussion of market structure has become in our nation. Enjoy the reference, and thank you RTL for the tremendous amount of work you put into creating this most definitive, thorough, and seminal work.