Themis and IEX Block Day Reminder



As you all probably know, tomorrow IEX will donate revenues from all block trades to Wings over Wall Street (WOWS), which is one of Wall Street’s most successful benefits for ALS research (Lou Gehrig’s disease).

As you also may know, we have signed on to help IEX and WOWS. When you send an order through Themis Trading, and we use IEX on your behalf, we will donate the net commission we receive to WOWS. If you want to help Themis, IEX and WOWS stamp out ALS, send your order through Themis to rest on IEX. Your order will generate a huge double-whammy-bang-for-the-buck!

Like so:




Tomorrow, as you trade for your end-clients in the market place, please remember that you can get to IEX through Themis Trading in many different ways. We routinely execute on IEX, as it is part of our best-execution formula. We also rest your orders as per your instructions! You can send us an order to specifically rest on IEX, as well as rely on us to choose the best means to get liquidity.

Either way we will donate the entire net commission you pay us that gets executed on IEX to Wings over Wall Street.

Won’t you please support this great cause and help fund research for ALS? Please think of this cause tomorrow as you trade. Please help make this effort a grand success.