R.T. Leuchtkafer Updated 2016 Market Structure Bibliography

Of course you are well aware of the influence that R.T. Leuchtkafer’s thorough SEC comment letters have had in our market structure debate. He has commented on SRO Rule Filings, Reg SCI, the SEC 2010 Equity Market Concept Release, and of course IEX’s Exchange application. In fact, he is heavily cited in the SEC’s March 18th IEX delay ruling, and its proposed amendment of REG NMS’s understanding of “automated quotations.”

He is highly influential despite his anonymity, and for good reason. He clearly has an inside view, from wherever he is secretly perched, and his content speaks for itself. It’s fact based, intensely researched and cited, and is clearly written.

R.T. Leuchtkafer has been compiling a market structure bibliography for several years now, and he has re-written it for 2016. It includes the most recent academic studies germane to the debate, including the University of Michigan study on latency arbitrage.

This morning we include his bibliography for your reference. You will not find another cleanly-amassed reference collection anywhere.

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Leuchtkafer 2016 HFT Bibliography