Premiere Day

Today is the day that market structure hits the streaming services.  Two new shows will be airing that we think are both a must see.

1)The first is an HBO Max two-part documentary titled Gaming Wall Street featuring a good friend of Themis Trading, Dennis Kelleher, the CEO of Better Markets. Here is how Better Markets describes the documentary:

“This film has a fantastic, easy-to-understand explanation of the players and issues related to the 2021 GameStop trading frenzy.  It also illustrates and understandably explains short selling, payment for order flow, the short squeeze, naked shorts, and phantom shares.  Importantly, it ties these issues to the banking industry, the 2008 crash, regulatory issues, and the involvement of Reddit communities.  Bottom line, it shows how the GameStop trading frenzy “pulled the curtain back” on what really happens on Wall Street, as Dennis says in the show.”

You can stream both episodes starting today on HBO Max today.

2)The second show The Problem with Jon Stewart will be airing on Apple TV+ starting today and will feature a segment which covers similar issues including zero-commissions, Reddit and payment for order flow. Here’s the one-minute trailer.

The piece will feature another friend of Themis, Danny Moses, as well as David Lauer and SEC Chair Gary Gensler. Considering that Jon Stewart was the originator of the famous HFT Cash Cow segment, we expect that this segment will have some comedic value in addition to its in-depth commentary.

Both these pieces prove our point that we made earlier in the week that the public still cares about issues like payment for order flow.  As much as the big market makers and zero-commission online retail brokers want to sweep this issue under the rug, the fact is that it remains an open item that the SEC must and will address soon.

Hope you get a chance to watch these shows. We’re streaming Part 1 of “Gaming Wall Street” right now.