Last week, Barclays announced that they will be launching a new single-dealer platform (SDP) known as BARX Book for Equities which will be trading US equities.  While many SDPs already exist in Europe and some market makers operate their own SDPs in the US, the Barclays SDP appears to be the first SDP launched by a bank in the US. According to Barclays: “BARX Book for Equities represents a new chapter in Barclays’ client liquidity strategy, as it allows more ways for clients to access the firm’s principal liquidity during regular market hours. Clients will be able to access BARX Book (more…)

The last twelve months have been the worst in my life. I don’t say this to make anyone feel pity, or sympathy; I know that so many others have had worse years. Frankly 2020 is a year the majority of us want to erase. It’s a year I certainly want to forget. I spend hours each day trying to brush off and forget weeks and months of this year. And frankly, when you are in a mood to try and forget everything, you really don’t want to reflect and remember anything. Last night Joe asked me if I was going (more…)


Jun, 2019