Barely a day goes by when we don’t see an article that claims there will soon be a boom in institutional demand for cryptocurrencies.  CNBC recently ran an article that proclaimed “Goldman Sachs-backed Circle sees boom in crypto demand from institutional investors, despite bear market” In addition to the media hype, there continues to be a litany of Wall Street and regulatory veterans that are flocking to crypto.  The latest announcement was that former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt has joined the board of Ominex , a crypto trading platform.   While exchanges and market makers continue to hype the potential for crypto markets, the fact of (more…)

  Earlier this year, the SEC swore in two new Commissioners, Hester Peirce and Robert Jackson.  While we have seen a few comments recently from Commissioner Peirce (she wanted to approve the bitcoin ETF and thought the Reg ATS amendments were a bit verbose), we haven’t seen much from Commissioner Jackson. But the folks at Markets Media were able to track him down this week and get his comments on some important issues related to exchanges. Commissioner Jackson has indicated that he wants to place two long neglected topics on the top of his list: stock exchange immunity and market data access fees. Particularly, Commissioner (more…)