Nasdaq just  filed with the SEC to withdraw the provision/selling of its Market Analytics Data Package that includes the Market Velocity and Market Forces data products. These products, which have been around for 12 years, take all customer data – buys/sells/cancels – and package them into sentiment products that can be used to short term trade. NASDAQ has been selling these products since 2006. While recently there has been less demand for these products,  as the super savvy and fast HFTs have their own models that they continually are tweaking that accomplish the same things, their existence emphasizes the NASDAQ mindset and (more…)

  We are by no means cryptocurrency experts.  In fact, we even joked last year that we would never write a note on blockchain.  However, we are known to be market structure critics and what we see currently happening in the cryptocurrency world worries us. Yesterday, the CME announced that they intended to launch bitcoin futures. This is a quite a reversal of attitude since just a couple of months ago, the CME president Bryan Durkin said that they had no intention of launching bitcoin futures.  Durkin said: “I really feel that bitcoin is very nascent right now,” Bryan Durkin, president of Chicago-based CME, said (more…)