At the Slate Rock and Gravel Company, the dodo bird – sundial watch system is what closed the plant each day. Fred Flintstone lived for the smooth and successful operation of that process. In all the episodes we at Themis have watched, there has not been a failure of that system. That’s not to say that it never did fail, or never would, mind you… Actually, we do wonder if Mr. Slate had a backup system.

Let’s talk about the close in our markets in the United States. The “official close” on (more…)

who gets what


AAPL’s stock price this morning notwithstanding, this 2015 stock market might be the most boring ever. The indexes are trading tight, volumes are light, and we are near all-time highs. We are all fairly complacent, and it even shows in “market structure surveys” being brandied about like SOMA, to remind us to “Don’t Worry – Be Happy.”

From where we sit at Themis Trading, this is an excellent time to be thinking about the structure of our modern markets – while times are benign. With this in mind, (more…)