Lets say you own a 1988 Dodge Aries K-car.  Its got 157,000 miles on it.  It is pretty banged up – lots of dents, rusting paint and when you start it up, black smoke comes out of the tailpipe.  You would love to sell this but there are not many buyers for Dodge K-cars and they don’t sell often.  You look on Ebay and see one sold about 3 months ago for $1500.  You think this price is way too low – after all, this is one fine automobile (chicks really dig it). Now, you are about to fill out (more…)

Well, a few weeks ago, it was March 6th. The S&P hit 666, and the dow had gone below 6,666 as well.  My odometer on my Silverado hit 36,666; I ususally don’t keep cars that long.  My wife and I got into 6 fights in one day. To top it all off,  I ordered an egg and cheese on a roll from the local luncheonette and was charged $6. Six. I hate Six. And I hate round convenient numbers. Fast forward to today. At yesterday’s close we had risen 25% off of 666. 25% is a nice convenient number. The (more…)