Well, a few weeks ago, it was March 6th. The S&P hit 666, and the dow had gone below 6,666 as well.  My odometer on my Silverado hit 36,666; I ususally don’t keep cars that long.  My wife and I got into 6 fights in one day. To top it all off,  I ordered an egg and cheese on a roll from the local luncheonette and was charged $6. Six. I hate Six. And I hate round convenient numbers. Fast forward to today. At yesterday’s close we had risen 25% off of 666. 25% is a nice convenient number. The (more…)

Who is this guy on CNBC imitating Rick Santelli lately? It sure can’t be the real Rick Santelli. It appears that maybe some senior executives decided to neuter Mr. Santelli. Look closely, Rick is not even waving his hands when he speaks. Where is the Wolfman? Mr. Santelli, you are a great American. We need you back as a voice of reason. Do the right thing, rip up your contract with CNBC and get your voice back on a new network. I am sure that Fox Biz would love to have you. (more…)